Backflow in the news...

Twin Falls Homeowners Asked to Install Backflow Devices

The city of Twin Falls and Department of Environmental Quality will require homeowners to have their lawn sprinkler backflow device tested this ...


Monterey adopts backflow measure

MONTEREY — The town council voted April 1 to approve and adopt as presented an updated cross-connection and backflow prevention ...


Sprinkler system backflow testing urged

PENDLETON — Homeowners who have underground lawn sprinkler systems need to have their backflow prevention assembly tested by an ...


Arrest in rash of plumbing device thefts

Michael Welton, of Vista, was arrested in connection with a rash of brass backflow device thefts committed throughout North County.


Mystery pipe contaminates stream at The Dalles

Because of the risk of liability, the city is not considering the drastic option of just plugging the pipe and seeing whether anybody’s house gets the backflow. Among the city’s expenditures: A $2,400 power snake. As for the total costs of the

Still Waters Run Again in New York City Parks

Back outside, Mr. Menocal pressed the button on one of the drinking fountains. A five-second buildup of compressed air preceded the same brown ooze that had emanated from the children's sprinkler. It is a normal part

Man Accused Of Backflow Thefts Arrested

After a month-long crime spree, a Colorado Springs man was arrested Wednesday morning. He's accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of brass and copper, right out of people’s yards. Corey Ryan Miller, 33, was arrested and charged with felony

Two Arrested for Multiple Backflow Thefts

RENO, NV - Washoe County Sheriff’s detectives have arrested two men as part of an ongoing investigation into a series of backflow prevention device thefts in the Cold Springs area. Scott Thomas Jones and Austin Michael Hagander, both of Reno,

Spotlight on: Mr. Backflow

It’s a little after 9 a.m. on a Monday, and Matt Graef is looking for the Sun’s backflow prevention system. “This is what I spend about half of my time doing,” Graef says with a smile. Graef also goes by the name Mr. Backflow and owns a backflow ...

Twin Falls Homeowners Asked to Install Backflow Devices

TWIN FALLS • Does your sprinkling system connect to your potable water? Then you may need to have a backflow device installed, maintained and tested annually by a certified backflow tester. The city of Twin Falls and Department of Environmental …

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