Arizona Backflow Testing, Inspections, Replacements, and Backflow Repairs. 

We are the "Go-To-Team" for Phoenix backflow prevention testing. We also service, the Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert metro areas with precision calibrated equipment kept up to date annually with re-calibrations of all guages. Our certified backflow testers and professionals have years of experience testing and repairing back flow prevention devices. We are listed with the majority of all city and water purveyor rosters in Maricopa County. 

What is a Backflow Prevention Device? Or what we here at Western Backflow Testing like to call a"BFP."  In a nut-shell; It's an assembly to keep water safe from contaminates by eliminating back-flow and/or cross contamination within the water supply. For example; Even a simple garden hose layed out after washing a car or filling a garden can back siphon into your home. Same goes for a restaurant you enjoy, that clean water in your glass could have contaminates from the kitchen mop floor sink, or the gas station next door, or the flooded pond across the street. This is why the state of Arizona, city and all tility providers require annual backflow testing in Arizona, to keep the public safe and healthy!

Failed backflow tests comprise apx. 25% of our certified testing; due to neglect, failed seals-springs and mechanical parts, vandalism, theft, and more. Keeping you in compliance is our #1 priority, thats why you will find us on every city roster of approved backflow testers, easy ordering, we handle all of the testing, reporting to the city, and ease of billing. We often tell our clients, "see you next year." And we won't bother you until then!